How to Make Your Boobs Perky Naturally

How to Make Your Boobs Perky Naturally

In need of a little lift these days? From adopting a healthy lifestyle and choosing bras that fit well to changing up your skincare routine and leveraging some well-placed boob tape, there are numerous ways you can make your boobs look perkier. 

Common Causes of Breast Sagging

Gravity, first and foremost, is a common reason behind breast sagging. Continuous unsupported situations can lead to elongation as gravity pulls the breast tissues down. Secondly, fluctuating body weight is an overlooked but significant influence. Significant weight changes, often seen in yo-yo dieting or pregnancy, can stretch the skin, resulting in sagging. Thirdly, certain habits like smoking can dehydrate you and cause a loss of skin elasticity, also contributing to a drop.

The Role of Genetics and Aging

Your genetics plays a huge role in the natural size and composition of your breasts and, therefore, whether or not you're more likely to experience sagging as you age. For example, a downside to having larger, glandular breasts is that they're more susceptible to sagging due to gravity pulling them downward. (This is one reason why finding the right supportive bra is essential.)  

Another factor is your skin's elasticity, which is also determined by genetics. As you age, your skin elasticity gradually dwindles, making it difficult to maintain the firmness you enjoyed when you were younger. Your pectoral muscles may weaken over time and no longer provide you with the same support they once did.

The good news is there are things you can do to potentially perk up your breasts, encompassing both non-surgical and surgical options. 

Non-Surgical Methods for Perky Boobs

Using Enhancements

For temporary lifts during special occasions, consider non-surgical enhancements like makeup contouring, silicone bra inserts, a lifting adhesive bra, or breast lift tape. Makeup contouring creates the illusion of a fuller bust using light and shadow techniques. At the same time, silicone bra inserts will add volume and shape. Meanwhile, a strategically placed adhesive bra or breast lift tape can give your breasts a more elevated and even youthful look. No surgical procedures are required!

Wearing a Supportive Bra

Choosing supportive bras, especially for workouts, is crucial. An ill-fitting or unsupportive bra can cause your Cooper ligaments to stretch. These ligaments connect the inner side of your breast skin to your pectoral muscles. When they're pushed, sagging occurs. To avoid this, wear a well-fitting bra to minimize bouncing as you move throughout the day.

Keep in mind your breast size and shape can change over time due, in part, to hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy, or nursing. It's worth having professional bra fittings to ensure you're always in a bra that fits and gives you the support you need. For example, the right push-up bra can provide support and an immediate appearance boost.

Strengthening Your Chest Muscles

Pay attention to the value of physical exercise. While you can't strengthen breast tissue, focusing on the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts could make your breasts appear more lifted and perky. For instance, regular chest exercises like swimming, push-ups, bench presses, and arm curls help increase your pectoral muscle mass. Also, incorporating yoga postures into your routine can improve your body posture — another essential component in making your boobs look firm and perky.

Protecting Your Skin

It's easy to overlook the health of the skin covering your breasts. Yet, healthy, supple skin plays a significant role in maintaining their elasticity. Try a daily moisturizer to aid collagen production, vital for keeping your skin firm, and stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your skin healthy. 

Wear sunscreen on your chest area whenever you go outside. Overexposure to UV rays can damage the collagen in your breast skin and lead to sagging. While these skincare steps might not reverse the breakdown of your breast tissue, they can help minimize it.

Enjoying Massage and Hydrotherapy

Regular breast massages with oils like vitamin E or pomegranate oil and hydrotherapy (alternating warm and cold water) can improve blood circulation and skin elasticity, potentially maintaining or even improving firmness over time. 

Lifestyle Changes for Perkier Breasts

Diet and Nutrition

According to research, a healthy diet benefits your skin's elasticity — a crucial component of keeping your breasts firm and smooth. Strive for a balanced intake of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish your skin, and drink plenty of water daily. Also, it's worth rethinking your sugar intake since excessive sugar can damage your body's collagen and elastin. These essential proteins help to maintain your skin's elasticity. Over time, this damage can contribute to sagging breast skin.

Managing Your Weight

Rapid weight fluctuations can stretch your skin and tissues, leading to sagging. A nutrient-rich diet will support healthy breast tissue, so start incorporating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Think fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats. If you need help, consult your doctor or meet with a nutritionist to develop an eating plan to satisfy your caloric needs and weight goals.

Quitting Cigarettes and Alcohol

Smoking accelerates the breakdown of elastin in your skin, contributing significantly to breast sagging, so toss out those cigarettes for good. And we love a glass of wine as much as the next person, but in your quest for firm breasts, alcohol is not necessarily your friend. Reduce your alcohol intake to start reaping benefits like better skin health, hydration, and elasticity.

Surgical Options for Perkier Breasts

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is a long-lasting solution to sagging boobs. It removes excess stretched-out breast skin, lifting your nipples to a higher, more youthful-looking position. The focus is on trimming excess skin and reshaping your breasts to counter any sagging caused by a loss of elasticity and firmness from your hormonal changes or aging.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

If you don't feel like a breast lift alone will be enough to achieve the look you want, you may opt to combine a breast lift with breast augmentation. For example, if you're unhappy with the current size or volume of your breasts, adding implants or conducting a fat transfer during the lift surgery could provide the results you're imagining. 

What to Expect from Surgery

Undergoing any surgical procedure can feel overwhelming, but knowing what to expect can ease your anxiety. Breast lift surgery usually entails general anesthesia and lasts two to three hours, depending on how much reshaping will be performed and whether or not you're also undergoing an augmentation. 

Most patients experience soreness and swelling after the surgery but can return home the same day. You can generally resume normal activities within a week. Then, regular follow-ups with your surgeon will ensure your recovery process goes smoothly, and the results are what you expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What non-surgical methods can help make my breasts perkier?

Several non-surgical methods can improve your breast perkiness. These include using enhancements like makeup contouring, silicone bra inserts, boob lifting tape, or a sticky bra. Non-surgical procedures worth researching include Aptos threading, Caci bust treatment, laser treatments, Thermage, the Renuvion/J-Plasma device, vampire breast lift, Botox injections, and dermal fillers.

How can I tone up saggy breasts?

Toning saggy breasts requires a combination of exercise and lifestyle changes. Exercises focusing on your pectoral muscles, such as push-ups and planks, can help improve your breast perkiness. Other measures for toning up saggy breasts include maintaining a healthy weight and wearing a supportive bra.

Can saggy breasts be firm again?

Though surgical procedures like breast lifts can significantly improve your firmness, it's challenging to regain the same youthful firmness without surgery. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, proper diet, and topical treatments, may help enhance the appearance of your breasts.

How can I maintain breast firmness?

Maintaining breast firmness is possible through consistent efforts like maintaining a healthy weight, wearing supportive bras, and exercising regularly. Establishing a hormone-balanced diet and staying hydrated is critical to keeping your breasts firm.

How can I naturally lift my breasts?

Lifting your breasts naturally involves strengthening the pectoral muscles located behind them. Exercises like push-ups, planks, bench presses, and swimming can tone these muscles, contributing to a natural breast lift.

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