What to Use Instead of Pasties: The Best Alternatives

What to Use Instead of Pasties: The Best Alternatives

Navigating the world of shapewear can be challenging, so we're here to break down some of the most popular and comfortable alternatives to pasties. From camisoles to nipple covers, we'll delve into the pros and cons of each, helping you make an informed decision for your lifestyle and wardrobe.

Reasons for Wearing Alternatives to Pasties

You might decide to wear an alternative to nipple pasties for numerous reasons:

  • Padded, sports and strapless bras offer fuller coverage and support. 
  • Bralette alternatives and layering clothing, like a simple camisole or tank top underneath your main outfit, can be more comfortable. 
  • Washable and reusable silicone nipple covers provide longevity and value for your money.
  • Adhesive bras and DIY fabric covers offer a personalized fit. 
  • Breast and gel petals are ideal for a softer, more natural look and feel. 
  • Modesty panels provide extra coverage in low-cut dresses or tops. 
  • Medically safe solutions like a nipple or medical-grade tape can be reasonable if you're allergic to the adhesive in some commercial nipple covers. 

There's a solution for every unique need, style preference, and occasion.

Types of Pasties

  • Adhesive pasties, such as gel petals, stick directly onto your skin, offering a smooth silhouette under form-fitting clothing.
  • Non-adhesive pasties provide an alternative if you have sensitive skin or dislike anything sticking directly onto your breasts. Examples are DIY fabric covers or modesty panels attached to bra straps.

Alternatives to Pasties

Silicone Nipple Covers

Silicone nipple covers are often crafted from soft, flexible materials that mold to your breast shape, hiding your nipples and ensuring a smooth appearance. They're suitable for wearing under tees, sheer tops, and dresses. With the proper care, nipple covers are reusable up to 50 times before the adhesiveness loses effectiveness.

Tips for Using Silicone Covers

When wearing nipple covers, select a size slightly larger than your nipple diameter for a smooth finish. Remember to avoid oils or lotions, which can affect the adhesiveness.

Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras stick to your breasts, offering lift and support along with more coverage than a simple pastie or tape could. Adhesive bras are backless, making them ideal for when you need your boobs to look perky while wearing backless dresses and one-shoulder tops. They're reusable and easy to clean, but warmer weather and excessive sweating can affect the adhesive's effectiveness.

Tips for Using Adhesive Bras

Store these bras properly to prevent adhesive degradation, and clean them regularly, following the manufacturer's guidelines. It's important to note that the adhesive may weaken under warmer conditions and excessive sweating.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are comfortable and provide excellent coverage without sticking anything extra onto your skin. They're perfect for layering under tops, creating a seamless look when you want a more casual coverage solution.

Bandeau Tops

Bandeau tops offer more coverage than pasties but less support than traditional bras. They're an excellent option for wearing off-the-shoulder or dresses with deeper necklines.

Fashion Tape

Fashion tape is a versatile tool that can secure your clothing to your skin, preventing accidental slips and keeping your nipples covered without the bulk of a bra. This double-sided tape is handy for low-cut or revealing outfits. Alternatively, you could use boob tape, which is a single-sided adhesive but can still provide coverage.

T-shirt Bras

T-shirt bras, with their molded or contour cups, are designed to provide full coverage and prevent your nipples from showing through regular shirts. These bras offer a reliable, everyday solution for seamless coverage.

Choosing the Right Alternative

Pasties is an excellent nipple coverage solution, but sometimes you want or need an alternative. You can choose based on your outfit or skin sensitivity to avoid discomfort or wardrobe malfunctions.

Based On Your Outfit

Depending on your outfit, specific alternatives may be more beneficial than others:

  • For see-through clothing: Seamless silicone nipple covers work best. They become virtually invisible beneath sheer or very fitted apparel, minimizing interruptions in your outfit's silhouette.
  • For low-cut tops: Boob tape can lift your boobs and provide support, particularly if you have a larger bust. Plus, you can cut and customize it to work with your outfit's neckline.
  • For strapless and backless dresses, Adhesive bras work wonders, delivering decent coverage under those tricky-to-wear outfits.
  • For casual or home wear: A stick-on bra or simple layering of clothing, like a camisole or tank top, can provide a comfortable and functional solution.

Based On Your Comfort and Sensitivity

When considering comfort and skin sensitivity, other factors come into play:

  • For Long Wear: Wear durable, sweat-resistant alternatives like gel petals if you anticipate a long day or an active evening. They ensure a secure hold even during intensive activities.
  • For Sensitive Skin: For those prone to skin irritation, hypoallergenic silicone nipple covers, or medical-grade nipple tape might be ideal. They're often less irritable while also providing the needed coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sports bras permanently flatten your breasts?

Sports bras do not have any long-term effects on your breast size or shape. They also do not hinder growth for young girls or still developing teens.

What can you use if you don't have pasties?

You can cut a panty liner for a cheap, DIY stick-on covering. Small bandages or surgical tape could also serve as alternatives. Remember to test these methods at home first for their comfort and discretion.

Is it safe to put tape on your nipples?

You can use tape, especially kinesiology tape, on your nipples for protection during long-distance running or intense exercise to prevent irritation and chafing.

Can tape be used as a replacement for pasties?

Pasties are typically gentler compared to body tape. Since nipples are sensitive, pasties are recommended for coverage before applying body tape.

Can Band-Aids be used to cover your nipples?

Yes, BandAids can be used to cover nipples in a pinch. However, silicone nipple covers or pasties provide better coverage and can be reused multiple times. Bandaids or medical tape in an X shape could also serve as temporary solutions.

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