What Are Nipple Covers? Your Guide to Wearing Pasties

What Are Nipple Covers? Your Guide to Wearing Pasties

Are you curious about trying nipple covers but don't know where to start? 

Nipple covers (or pasties, as people sometimes call them) are adhesive-backed patches that stick to your breasts, specifically to cover your nipples, whether it's for modesty, aesthetic appeal, or physical comfort. Surprisingly, they can be versatile, non-adhesive, or reusable accessories in different sizes.  

Let's examine just how valuable—and, dare we say, maybe even fashionable—nipple covers can be, as well as when and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.  

Why Wear Nipple Covers or Pasties?

Nipple covers can eliminate your need for a traditional bra or provide relief from chafing against certain fabrics, making them your best friend in any fashion situation.

They come in different materials and sizes, too. Choices range from hypoallergenic silicone nipple covers, which many people prefer for their skin-like feel and reusability, to disposable fabric nipple covers, which are lightweight and convenient. 

Whether you have sensitive skin or are looking for just the right size, there's guaranteed a nipple cover that's comfortable for you. Caring for a reusable pair could not be easier if you choose the reusable route. Handwash them with mild soap and water, then let them air dry. What's not to love?

Busting Myths: Nipple Covers for All Genders and Sizes

A common misconception is that nipple covers are strictly for women with small breasts. That's not the case — nipple covers are available in various sizes, covering cup sizes larger than D. 

Also, the benefit of nipple covers extend beyond gender. People of all genders may experience skin irritation from clothing or want to appear sleek beneath a thin fabric. Nipple covers can help in these situations, proving their versatility is for everyone.

When to Wear Nipple Covers

There are many different situations in which wearing nipple covers might be the way to go. You can ditch your bra, look streamlined under a sheer fabric, or protect your skin from a slightly scratchy texture. Whatever your reason, pasties can keep you comfortable while still allowing you to wear exactly what you want.

When You're Going Braless

Adhesive silicone and fabric nipple pasties are both skin-friendly solutions. They're great for going braless in backless gowns, low-cut tops, form-fitting outfits, or any instance where traditional bras or wireless options may not provide the seamless visual effect you want.

When You Want to Appear Sleek

Nipple covers offer modesty and a smooth appearance when worn over sheer or light-colored apparel, such as chiffon blouses. The same goes for swimming or lounging poolside. When selecting nipple covers for the beach or pool, opt for waterproof pasties to ensure they stay in place even if exposed to water. 

How to Use Nipple Covers

Correctly applying your pasties will keep you comfortable and maintain their durability, so you want to follow the same process each time. This includes preparing your skin, using the nipple covers correctly, and double-checking their placement.

Prepare Your Skin

Always start with clean, dry skin. We recommend gently washing your skin with water and an oil-free soap to eliminate any lotions, oils, or perfumes that could mess with a nipple cover's ability to adhere to your body.

Before wearing your nipple covers for the first time, it could be worthwhile to perform a patch test with the nipple cover material or adhesive—especially if you already know you have sensitive skin. This will help ensure you don't experience any irritation or allergic reaction. 

Apply Your Nipple Covers

Once your skin is prepared, peel off the protective film from the adhesive side of the nipple cover. Carefully place the cover over your nipple, ensuring it fully covers the areola. The surface of the nipple cover or the adhesive should stick to your body comfortably.

Press the edges firmly against your skin when you position the cover, smoothing out any wrinkles or air bubbles. A seamless fit will make the nipple cover invisible under your clothes and ensure it stays put even when you're moving. Now, repeat the process on the other side.

Check the Fit

It's essential to check the position of your nipple covers before and after you get dressed. This will help you ensure you've placed them correctly, that you're comfortable, and that they can't be seen (unless that's the look you're going for). A quick check is all you need to step out and confidently avoid later adjustments.


How to Care for Your Nipple Covers

One of the best ways to care for your nipple covers is to always start with clean, dry skin. This prevents potentially harmful oils or chemicals from contacting the cover material; when removing them, wet the area and peel them off gently to avoid irritating your skin. 

If you're using reusable pasties, handwash the nipple covers with mild soap and water, then let them air-dry to prolong their lifespan. Silicone covers, for instance, can typically be hand-washed and reused 25 to 50 times with proper care. In contrast, fabric nipple covers are often disposable, with a 10-time maximum for reuse. 

Regardless of the type you choose — reusable or disposable — it's critical to follow the care directions on the packaging to ensure they remain effective and don't irritate your skin. Finally, always store your reusable nipple covers in a dry place, out of sunlight, and away from dust and sharp objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is nipple covers used for?

Nipple covers, popularly known as pasties, are adhesive products that conceal the nipple area. They're ideal if you don't want your nipples to show through tight or sheer outfits. Nipple covers come in various shapes and sizes.

Why should I use nipple pasties?

Nipple pasties help obscure the visibility of your nipples and areolae through sheer clothing or lingerie. Additionally, they can protect your nipples during pregnancy if your nipples feel sensitive and chafe.

How many times can I reuse a nipple cover?

Once dry, self-adhesive nipple covers restore their adhesiveness and can be reused approximately 25 times or more. However, the exact number can vary by product, so always check the specific packaging or description guidelines.

How can I make the nipple pasties sticky again?

Gentle washing with mild soap and water can reactivate the adhesive. However, if they've been used 30-50 times already, consider replacing them with a new pair. Keep the old pairs for scenarios when you wear them under tight outfits or workout bras.

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