How to Tape Your Boobs for a Strapless Dress

How to Tape Your Boobs for a Strapless Dress

Strapless dresses are one of the best fashion styles to show off your cleavage and stand out amongst the crowd. And as much as they accentuate your curves and natural figure, you run the risk of a nip slip without a strapless bra, unless of course you tape your boobs. With the right taping technique, boob lifting tape will give you the support, security, and most importantly, cleavage that you’re looking for. We’re going to show you how to tape your boobs for a strapless dress, complete with all of the tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. 

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Taping Your Boobs for a Strapless Dress

There are several ways to tape your boobs to look great and remain secure in a strapless dress; these are the most popular. 

1. Basic Lift

This boob taping pattern is perfect for beginners who need a simple and straightforward method to support their breasts and enhance their cleavage under a strapless dress. Before even cutting a piece of tape, clean and dry your skin to help the tape adhere properly – this is especially important if you’ll be in the dress for several hours. 

Cut a strip of body tape long enough to extend from the bottom of one side of your breast, up and over the top, and then secure it on your back. You might need to adjust the length based on your cup size and the desired lift. Gently lift your breast with one hand to position it as desired, then apply the boob tape with your other hand, smoothing it out to avoid wrinkles or discomfort. 

2. Full Coverage

This technique is for women with larger busts or those seeking even more support and coverage. It involves using multiple strips of body tape to secure and shape the breasts thoroughly, practically restricting all breast movement. 

Start by placing nipple covers directly over your nipples to protect sensitive skin. Then, apply the first strip of tape at the bottom of the breast, pulling slightly upwards and across to the side to anchor it securely against your torso. Repeat this step with additional strips, overlapping each one to cover the entire breast, ensuring each strip supports a different area. 

This layering effect offers enhanced support and smooths out the breast contour for a more flattering appearance under your strapless dress. Finish by pressing all the tape firmly against the skin to ensure it stays in place throughout your event.

3. Head-Turning Cleavage

Strapless dresses tend to leave little to the imagination, but there’s always room for more… If you’re headed to an event to woo your secret crush or make your ex jealous, this is the cleavage-boosting look you’re looking for. Again, use nipple covers to protect sensitive skin. 

Cut a long strip of boob lifting tape for each breast, starting from the outer side near your armpit. Pull this strip towards the center of your chest, lifting your breast slightly to enhance cleavage. Secure the tape on the opposite side of your chest, making sure the tape is taut to maintain the desired positioning and cleavage. Repeat the process for the other breast, adjusting for symmetry and your desired cleavage.  For extra hold, apply a horizontal strip across both breasts, securing the tape under the dress line. 

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This method will quite literally turn heads and offer more than enough support for you to enjoy your night without worrying about a nip slip.

Tips for Comfort and Security

After thousands of wears from Nueboo customers, we’ve collected their best tips to ensure your boobs are comfortable and secure: 

  • Choose a high-quality boob lifting tape that’s designed for skin contact. Our Nueboo tape is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, plus a medical-grade adhesive – it’s stretchy and sticky enough so that you can position your boobs however you desire. 
  • Perform a patch test at least 24 hours before wearing your strapless dress to check for any skin sensitivities. Cut a 2x2 inch square and place it on your chest; if your skin is sensitive to the adhesive, this patch test will limit the amount of discomfort to the small 2x2 inch area, rather than your entire bust. 
  • To maximize comfort, avoid over tightening the tape—just enough tension to support and lift without restricting movement or circulation. 
  • For durability, press the tape firmly onto your skin and smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles during application. 
  • When applying multiple layers, overlap them slightly to secure the tape from peeling off. 

Removing the Tape at the End of the Night

As you take off your dress, double check that no fabric from the dress is accidentally stuck to the tape, especially if you've been moving a lot or sweating. Gently detach any stuck fabric to prevent damage to both the dress and your skin. This will save you a great deal of pain and prevent any damage to the dress. 

Removing the tape can be slightly uncomfortable, slightly more than a Band-Aid. You can take a warm shower or apply a warm compress to the taped areas – the heat will help soften the adhesive. Slowly peel the tape away in the direction of hair growth to reduce discomfort. If the tape is resistant, lightly dab baby oil, coconut oil, or a specialized adhesive remover underneath the edges to break down the glue. Always pull gently to avoid skin irritation. Afterward, wash the area with mild soap and water to clean off any adhesive residues, and apply a soothing moisturizer to calm the skin. 

Now that you know how to tape your boobs for that strapless dress you’ve been dying to wear, you can confidently step out onto the stage, dance floor, or wherever else your heart desires. Test each of the three taping methods to see which you prefer, and make sure to follow the extra tips for preparing and removing the tape. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does boob tape work for strapless dresses?

Yes, boob tape is effective for securing a strapless dress in place, preventing it from slipping down and preventing any wardrobe malfunctions. Sticky bra inserts are another great cleavage solution for strapless dresses – check out our ultimate guide to bra inserts

How to wear a strapless dress with a big bust?

To wear a strapless dress with a big bust, first choose a dress with a structured, supportive bodice. You’ll likely also need to add extra support and security with boob lifting tape or a strapless bra. 

How long does boob tape stay on?

Nueboo boob tape is guaranteed to last for 8 hours, but its duration may vary based on factors like skin type, activity level, humidity, and temperature.

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