6 Boob Tape Patterns

6 Boob Tape Patterns

Boob tape is a girl’s versatile best friend when it comes to keeping the girls secure and in place in any outfit. There are several boob tape patterns that depend on your outfit and the reason you’re opting for boob tape in the first place. And to make sure your cleavage looks great on every occasion, we’ve put together the 7 best boob tape patterns for you to use Nueboo. 

Why to Use Boob Tape

Before we get into how to use boob tape, let’s get into why you’d want to use it in the first place. These are the most common reasons to use breast tape: 

  1. Create cleavage - boob tape can help create a more plump and voluptuous cleavage in no time at all for those with small breasts.
  2. Flatten out chest - in contrast to the first reason for boob tape, it can also work the other and disguise the appearance of having boobs by taping over the top of the breasts rather than underneath.
  3. Reduce movement and support breasts - secure your boobs and reduce discomfort when doing strenuous activity like dancing, especially for women with larger busts. 

Now that we’ve gone over the basic reasons for using boob tape, let’s get down to the different ways you can tape your boobs - for your various outfits.

    Boob Tape Patterns for Every Occasion

    1. Instantly Lift Your Boobs for Strapless Shirts and Backless Outfits

    Boob tape is the fastest, most effective way to lift your breasts for a sexy, secure, and confident look, especially in strapless shirts and backless outfits. To begin, make sure your skin is clean and dry. Cut a strip of tape long enough to extend from the bottom of your breast to the top of your shoulder. Carefully lift your breast to the desired height, and while holding it in place, apply the tape starting from under your breast and press upwards along the body to secure it. Repeat on the other side for a symmetrical look. This instant lift will give you the gorgeous plump chest you’ve been looking for while also providing secure, invisible support for daring outfits. 

    backless shirt boob lifting tape

    2. Create Instant Cleavage

    You don’t need a large bust to give yourself head turning cleavage. This is one of the most common ways to use boob tape, unsurprisingly so. Select a tape that matches your skin tone and offers good elasticity; our Nueboo tape has 5 colors to choose from. 

    instant cleavage from boob tape

    Clean your chest so that the tape adheres properly. Cut two strips of boob tape that can reach from the base of your breasts up to the shoulder or collar bone. Place the first strip on the outer side of one breast, gently pulling the breast towards the center of your chest. Secure the tape under your opposite armpit to hold the position. Repeat the process with the other breast, ensuring both sides are symmetrical. This technique draws the breasts together, bolstering cleavage and providing added support, making low-cut or plunge tops and strapless dresses more flattering and comfortable to wear.

    3. Flatten Your Chest

    A flat chest appearance is useful for androgynous or gender-neutral styles, or by dancers to restrict the movement of their breasts while performing. Choose a tape that is strong and skin-friendly so as to avoid irritating your skin. Clean and dry your chest before applying for maximum adhesion, this will help the tape last for upwards of 8 hours. 

    Cut long strips of boob tape that will be able to stretch from one armpit to the other. Place the first strip at the bottom of one breast, pulling gently across to the opposite side of your ribcage, and secure it smoothly. Layer the other strips in a similar manner, overlapping slightly to compress the breast tissue evenly and create a flat profile. This boob taping technique will create a flat-chested look and secure the breasts comfortably, allowing for a sleek, streamlined look under tight-fitting garments. Also, take note that it isn’t recommended to use this pattern for long periods of time.

    4. Secure Breasts for Low Cut Tops

    Low cut tops reveal more of the chest than usual, and leave just enough to the imagination. Not to mention, they make the neck look longer, giving you added confidence. But some tops aren’t as flattering as others, which is where tape can help out. With the right boob tape pattern, you can securely and discreetly support your boobs in a low cut top for eye popping cleavage. 

    using boob tape low cut top


    Cut a strip of tape long enough to extend from the side of your breast, under the armpit, and up to the back shoulder. Lift your breast slightly to enhance shape, then press the tape firmly from the outer side inwards, smoothing it under the bust and up the side to lock in placement. This technique will prevent nip slips and create a sleek, seamless silhouette under daring necklines. Check the hold and coverage in the mirror, making any adjustments to ensure the tape is invisible and comfortable.

    5. Dance-Proof Your Outfit

    Whether you’re a ballroom dancer or a go-go dancer, it’s impossible to keep your breasts in place without wearing a tight-fitting bra. Enter boob lifting tape – a quality, sweat-resistant tape will keep your girls in place as you move around the dance floor, withstanding movement and perspiration. 

    dance proof boob tape

    For this boob tape pattern, clean your chest to remove oils and excess moisture, which will improve the tape's grip. Cut strips of tape to cover more than just the base of your breasts; extend them up over the shoulders or around the back for added security. Apply the tape by pressing firmly against the skin, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles that could weaken the adhesive. Test the hold by moving around and adjusting as needed before heading out for the night. 

    6. Perfect Your Costume

    Certain historical, anime, and gender-neutral costumes require a more streamlined silhouette. Similar to the boob taping pattern used to create a flat-chested look, you can slim down your chest as much as needed to achieve the perfect on-stage, performance-ready look. Before you start taping, consider how long you’ll be in character, and choose a tape that will hold for that long. 

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    Prepare your skin by cleaning it thoroughly to remove any lotions or oils. Depending on your costume’s design, strategically place the tape to enhance shape or provide hidden support. For costumes with unusual necklines or sleeveless designs, apply the tape in a way that it remains concealed while offering the necessary hold. This pattern allows you to maintain the integrity of your costume’s appearance while actively participating in events, giving you the freedom to move confidently and comfortably.

    Helpful Tips for Taping Your Boobs

    Just like any new practice, it doesn’t hurt to know some handy tips and tricks before you actually get down to taping your boobs in various patterns. After all, they’re a delicate part of any woman’s body.

    • Nipple covers – If you only want to smoothen out the shape of your nipple or cover a piercing, we recommend using a silicone nipple cover rather than boob tape. Or if you don’t have one on hand you can use anything padded and soft like cotton wool and gently tape over it with boob tape.
    • Damaged skin – Do not ever apply boob tape on damaged or sunburned skin as this can cause irritations.
    • Protect sensitive nipples – We recommend you use nipple pasties before you start taping as an extra precaution for sensitive nipples.
    • Clean skin – Use rubbing alcohol to clean the skin before application to rid it of oils and dirt, and be sure to dry the skin completely for maximum adhesion.
    • Get help – There is no shame in asking a good friend to help you tape your boobs. It’s much easier with help because you can hold your boobs the way you want while your friend does the taping for you.
    • Remove safely – Gently peel off the tape in the direction of hair growth after applying baby oil or coconut oil to soften the adhesive, taking care to soothe the skin with a moisturizer afterward to prevent irritation.
    • Consider alternatives – Boob tape isn’t for everyone – it’s meant to provide lift. If you’re simply looking to add a cup size or two, sticky bra inserts can help.

    With so many boob tape patterns for various breast shapes, outfits, and occasions, there’s an innovative solution for everyone. Whether you want to experiment with flirtatious cleavage, secure your boobs to wear low-cut tops, or flatten your chest for a minimal look, each pattern is designed to maximize both your comfort and style. Experiment with these patterns to discover just how transformative the right boob tape can be for your fashion aspirations.

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