How to Use Boob Tape: The Ultimate Guide

How to Use Boob Tape: The Ultimate Guide

For when a bra just won’t cut it, boob tape is here to step in. But exactly what is boob tape and how do you use it? Boob tape is an adhesive tape that’s used to shape and contour breasts, hold them in place, and create cleavage, all without using a bra.

How many times have you felt attracted to a certain top or dress but ended up putting it back on the rack because you didn’t have the right bra? But once you learn how to use boob tape, you can pick that top or dress back up and confidently step out to take on the world. We’ll show you how to use breast tape to avoid uncomfortable mishaps, all while still feeling snug and secure in the right places.

Even Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Jessie J swear by boob tape. They employ the nips-to-shoulder strategy to lift their boobs and more clearly define their cleavage. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about how to apply boob tape and how you can make it work for you! 

How to Choose the Right Boob Tape

Let's start with the basics – which boob tape should you choose? Which tape is safe to use and which aren’t? There are all sorts of tape that you can choose from and several taping patterns to learn for each body type, outfit, and occasion.

Let’s first dive into understanding the different kinds of boob tape that are available in the market.


Nueboo Boob Tape

Image Source: Nueboo Boob Tape

Boob Tape

Most modern boob tape is designed for especially prolonged contact with human skin, and is created for the purpose of lifting breasts. It helps achieve that perky full bosom that we all want. Whether you’re just starting out or an expert in the breast taping practice, boob tape makes things easy. For a boob lift in seconds that lasts throughout the day, boob tape is the right choice.

Fabric boob tape is made from breathable materials like cotton, fabric tape is gentle on the skin and ideal for dresses and swimwear due to its comfortable and supportive nature. Our Nueboo tape is a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex; it’s also 100% waterproof and sweatproof.  

Silicone boob tape is known for its strong adhesion and waterproof properties, making it the perfect choice for strapless dresses and backless outfits, providing a seamless look.


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Image Source: The Bra Guide

Gaffer Tape

Breast taping has come a long way since it was first popularized by Hollywood A-lister and boob tape trailblazer Kim Kardashian. Kim speaks from experience—after trying almost everything out there—in using only the strongest tape of them all—the gaffer tape.

It's important to remember that you shouldn’t confuse gaffer with duct tape, because by design duct tape is used primarily for construction and heavy-duty repairs—not safe to be in contact with the skin at all. It's also worth noting that gaffer tape is not actually a type of boob tape; it serves a functionally different purpose. However, people used to use it before products like Nueboo came onto the market.

As Kim K said in a now-deleted blog post: 

"Just brace yourself for when it's time to take it off LOL."

It's important to remember that you shouldn’t confuse gaffer with duct tape, because by design the duct tape is used primarily for construction and heavy-duty repairs—not safe to be in contact with the skin at all.

As Kim K said in a now-deleted blog post: 

"Just brace yourself for when it's time to take it off LOL."



Image Source: Omega Sport

Athletic Tape

Athletic tape is used by trainers and athletes to reduce sports-related injury and aid in recovery. It’s safe for direct application to the skin, and as such, has been adapted as a makeshift boob tape when you don’t have any real boob tape on hand.

Be warned, the sticky residue is meant to stabilize joints, not breasts, and it's not the same as boob tape, just a last-ditch alternative if you're in a pinch. It’s extra strong and sticky, which can be difficult to remove from your skin afterwards. It’s gentler, yet weaker than gaffer tape, but still not as comparable to Nueboo or any other breast tapes. 


flash tape

Image Source: Amazon

Flash Tape

Ever had that pesky moment where you can’t manage to button your top because of the dreaded gap caused by big boobs? We’ve all been there at one point or another, and thus, flash tape was created to put an end to this problem. This tape is specifically designed to hold your clothes in place, though it does not give you lift or reduce the bounce or heaviness of your breasts, nor does it cut down on back strain. 

Again, this is not a replacement for boob tape, just another option that people have been known to use in tricky situations.

Looking for a simpler solution? Check out our Instant Volume Sticky Bra Inserts.

How to Tape Your Boobs

1. Patch Test

    This step is important!

    Whenever you apply boob tape for the first time, a patch test is absolutely critical. A patch test will determine your skin’s reaction to the glue of the tape and if it will cause you irritation or not. The point of starting with a patch rather is to limit the irritation to a small area instead of your entire chest area. 

    To perform a patch test, cut off a small strip of tape and apply it to your skin. Apply the tape to skin that is similar to that of your breasts. Leave it on as long as you expect to wear your boob tape. Keep in mind that redness is normal if you have sensitive skin. A bit of redness is fine, but if it gradually becomes more noticeable and uncomfortable, remove the patch and absolutely do not apply more tape to a larger area. 

    2. Prepare Your Chest

      Once you’ve determined your tape of choice, you have to prep your skin. Make sure the area is clean or else the tape won’t stick properly. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the skin before application to rid it of oils and dirt, and be sure to dry the skin completely for maximum adhesion. Do not apply any oils or lotions before applying your tape. 

      don't apply creams or oils


      3. Choose a Taping Pattern to Match Your Outfit

      There’s not just one right way to tape your boobs, there are several! The boob tape pattern that you choose will vary based on your breast size and shape, outfit, and even the occasion. Let’s break down a few of the most popular methods: 

      Plunge and Backless Dress Method

      1. Measure out a length of tape that is long enough to reach from the bottom of your breast to the back of your shoulder. 
      2. Carefully lift your breast to give it some height.
      3. Apply one end of the tape to the outer-base of your breast, press down the tape all the way up to your shoulder.
      4. Go over the back of your shoulders for maximum hold.
      5. Repeat this with 2 more strips of tape, working your way inwards with each strip.
      6. Make sure to use a nip cover (or cotton pad) over your nipple and surrounding area before taping it up.
      7. Repeat on the other breast.

      For a more push-up effect and depending on where the plunge of the dress ends, you can tape horizontally under your breasts to lift them and bring them together.

      Strapless or Backless Dress Method

      Image Source: The Bra Guide

      1. Pull out a length of tape and hold it beneath your breasts to measure how much you need before cutting. Then, cut a strip of tape that's long enough to fit around your breast and cup size. 
      2. Carefully take each breast from both sides and slowly compress them together. Then bring the tape higher or lower on the sides depending on the dress.
      3. Repeat the same step with 2 or more strips of tape and don't forget to use a silicone nipple cover (or cotton pad) over your nipple and surrounding area before taping it up.

      This strapless boob taping method is intended to lift and bring the breasts together to achieve the desired shape.

      Removing Boob Tape

      If you’ve ever been on the receiving side of any tape removal, you know that half the time it is anything but pleasant. 

      However, there are ways to lessen the discomfort of peeling off the tape. The best way is to use a gentle oil on your skin like coconut oil. Rub into the edges and it'll come right off, taking any sticky residue with it, while leaving your skin soft and smooth. If the oil isn’t working, take a hot shower or bath with the tape still on. The warm water will help weaken the adhesive, making it easier to peel off.

      Do take note not to wait too long to take the tape off (maximum 8 hours) and apply an oil of your choice on your skin as you peel off the tape.

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      Most Common Breast Taping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

      Breast taping is quite simple once you get the hang of it, but there are some things that you need to be aware of to avoid any discomfort or mishaps from happening. Better to be safe than sorry. 

      Tape being too tight

      You want the tape to be secure enough to hold your boobs in position. However, you also want to make sure they’re comfortable enough to remain in that position for hours at a time. If the tape is too tight, you may restrict the blood flow or cause some form of internal injury.

      Tape being too loose

      This one’s pretty straightforward. If your tape is too loose, that will defeat the point of using boob tape in the first place. You’ll be prone to wardrobe malfunctions, plus a look that’s far from what you desired. Make sure to check that your tape is applied securely before you leave home. 

      Temperature control

      There's a proper time and place to wear boob tape, one of which is not the gym. However, specific brands like Nueboo make waterproof boob tape that can be worn to the gym, the beach, or the poolside for up to 6-8 hours. Just a note, the adhesive will wear down more quickly in direct sunlight, so be conscious of the time. 

      Just like everything else practice makes perfect, and if you’re just starting to experiment with boob tape, don’t expect to get it right on the first try. A bit of preparedness can go a long way, especially if you have a special event planned to wear a jaw-dropping outfit. After all, the last thing you want is to be stressing out over applying your boob tape on the day of. Set aside a few minutes to practice your breast taping to get a feel for how to make the tape work for you and your outfit. 


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