How to Nueboo by Rebeccaa Ann

How to Nueboo by Rebeccaa Ann

Meet Rebeccaa Ann! A Nueboo expert with a knack for A+, perfectly lifted, and invisible taping. She made this video just for our Nueboo fam. Read on to pick up her know-how. Or check out our video highlights below so you can jump to the bits that interest you most:


  • [00:01:15] Rebeccaa Ann introduces Nueboo
  • [00:00:39] Rebeccaa Ann talks about struggles with bigger breasts
  • [00:00:05] Nueboo is the “boob lift in a box” 
  • [00:04:43] Boost confidence in any outfit
  • [00:00:18] Boob tape vs stick-on bras
  • [00:01:47] Before and after
  • [00:02:05] How to plunge
  • [00:03:57] How to strapless

Rebeccaa Ann starts off opening up her “Boob job in a box.” She shows us what Nueboo’s chocolate and black tape looks like. She also flashes the nipple covers and fashion tape briefly - handy extras to stock up on. Especially for those of us braving cold windy weather right now. Nothing like a gust of wind to threaten our flowy tops into revealing the goods (or to make one feel a little more err… nippy).

Her “before and after” difference is certainly impressive. Especially with the tops she chooses to demonstrate them with. You should definitely stick around till the end to see what Rebeccaa Ann’s finished “boob-job” looks like! Minus any of the pain, costs, and risks of actual plastic surgery of course.

Nueboo is a boob job in a box

Rebeccaa’s biggest challenge when it comes to looking good in strapless, backless, or cutout tops, are the adhesive silicone bras. While these hide the nipple, they also weigh down her 36Ds, making them look more saggy. The anxiety of feeling like silicon cups are about to drop right off can really cramp a good night out! And if it did, knock wood - that would be an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction you could never live down!

Before and after using breast lift tape

We can certainly appreciate that when you’re well-endowed, no amount of adhesive on those silicone bras feels like it’s enough! You need something strong, long, and wide enough to give you not just the look, but ample support, carefree security, and of course: the sexy cleavage.

It’s no wonder she says that Nueboo boob tape is more comfortable than a bra, and she’s in no hurry to switch back to them. Now, let’s get into her boob taping techniques!


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How to Plunge: The 3-Time Pull-Up

before and after using boob tape

Rebeccaa Ann starts her demonstration with a “one on, one off.” This gives viewers a very clear idea of the actual lift you get with a little tape. The difference is huge - we’re talking inches.

3 straps of tape

For this look, you need 3 straps of tape. Go ahead and measure them from just below the boob to your shoulder. Not too long that you’ll have tape all over your ribs, or too far behind you that you can’t smooth down. Just long enough.

simply position

She positions the first piece right at the inside edge of the nipple. This ensures that the tape won’t be seen even with wide, plunging V or U necklines. The bottom of the tape goes a little under the boob. Don’t worry about getting it all the way to the crease. You’ll want no tape there so you have the flexibility to lift.

looking good

Now, watch her pull, smooth down the tape leading up to her shoulder, then securing it at the top of her shoulder. Does it not look so much more pert already! To get it looking like the “after” side however, she needs two more lengths of tape. She tapes the second piece overlapping the first, moving towards the armpit. Rebeccaa Ann repeats this with the third piece, also moving the tape a little further out.

lift and secure

We can see that the first length of tape lifts. The second strap secures, and the third pushes the girls together giving us a glimpse of pert, plump, and well-defined cleavage. This went from an already beautiful chest, to one of those ancient Greek Goddesses immortalized in oil portraits. Some definite Venus in a giant seashell vibes here!

Just gorgeous

Can we also mention how much we love Rebecca Ann’s cute black crop top?? The black tape blended in ridiculously well with this number. You wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s tape even if it peeked out. It looks like part of the fabric!

How to Strapless: The Squeeze-Together Support

before and after boob tape

The second top Rebeccaa Ann demonstrated Nueboo with, is a girly, frilly, off-the-shoulder number in an earthy brown. The chocolate boob tape was the right shade to choose in this case. She shows off a different technique this time. She isn’t able to bring the tape up to her shoulders. Instead, she goes from side-boob to side-boob.

dont cut too much

For this method, estimate how much tape you’ll need to go across your boobs. Again, don’t cut too much. A shorter length will let you pull and smush the girls together for a cleavage that turns heads!

across the nipples

Rebecca Ann positions the first strap directly across the nipples. First, she pushes the left boob in. Then, she anchors one end of the tape a few inches to the side of the nipple. She uses one hand to pull the tape across and the other to push in the second boob. Finally, she attaches the other end of the tape to her skin.

squeeze together

That looks great. But, larger-breasted women could use a little more support. Rebecca Ann shows us how with a second piece of tape. She positions it just below the first one, and overlaps it a little bit. Then, she simply sticks the tape across, and smoothes it flat - a smidge upwards - for that safe, secure feeling. This is a good amount of tape that will squeeze the boobs together for a bona-fide nuzzly looking cleavage!

Don’t forget to use the nipple covers while trying out either technique. It’s a lot more comfortable and protects the delicate skin of the nipples and around the areola from the stronger adhesive.

We love how Rebeccaa Ann proves that Nueboo boob tape is as easy as 1-2-3. Measure, cut, and tape. She demonstrates this multiple times on camera. Anyone can do the same! Nueboo is truly a “boob-job in a box” that will make any girl look and feel crazy confident within 30 seconds! With such ease of application, it’s actually difficult to find a reason not to start using Nueboo for superior support, a better bustline, and tons more sex appeal than you would’ve thought possible.

We’re confident that if Rebeccaa Ann can make our boob tape work with these two tiny tops, you can make it work with anything! Don’t let backless, strapless, daring tops with cutouts hold you back, ever!

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Thank you Rebeccaa Ann for your informative review! For those of us who didn’t know that Nueboo boob tape could be used from side-to-side instead of up-and-down, this has just opened up a whole new selection of cute tops and dresses for us.

We’d love to see how you look with Nueboo behind you! Tag us on #nueboofam to show off your ultra lift, gorgeous outfits, flawless confidence.

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