Nueboo Boob Tape is a stick on bra alternative that (unlike most stick on bras) actually works!

Nueboo tape is what you use when need support but you cant wear a bra with your outfit! 

Nueboo tape is made from a cotton blend and medical grade adhesive. The tape is stretchy   and sticky allowing you to easily position your boobs how ever you want.

No! Like most skills it takes time to get really good at taping up boobs. But it's not hard to learn! 

Just make sure you pre cut the boob tape beforehand and try not to move the tape once its stuck to the skin or you will lose the stickiness. 

Make sure your skin is clean and dry. Do not put any moisturiser or product on before use.

We recommend you use Nueboo Nip Covers before you start taping as an extra precaution for sensitive nipples.

You get 16.5 feet (5 metres) worth of Nueboo tape in every box.

On average our customers use one box per month. However it is all dependent on your bust size and how frequent you use the tape.

Bigger busts will get about 5 uses

Smaller busts can get up to 15 uses

If you are in the United States you should receive your order within 5 business days.

For international orders you can check your shipping times here

Yes! For wholesale enquiries please email our wholesale team at wholesale@nuebootape.com