Our Story

The Nueboo story began after two friends went hunting for the perfect outfits, just to discover their boobs
wouldn’t play ball. Again.
After years of compromises and some painful experiences with duct tape, they were tired. Tired of what they were
doing to their skin and their sanity. And tired of filling their wardrobes with B-sides.
Seeing the success of stick-on bras, but knowing they alienated many people, the time had come for a better way.
A gentler way. A way that really… stuck.
And so Nueboo was born.
Because we’ll no longer resist taking the plunge neck.
Because we won’t shy away from strapless or back off from backless.
And because feeling confident and sexy should be for Every 👏 Body 👏.
So say goodbye to the sag and hello to guaranteed comfort, support and security with the world’s favorite
premium boob tape. Oh, and it’s award-winning, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too, so you can feel good
about looking great.
Whaddaya say boo—are you ready to do you?