How to Wear Bra Inserts

How to Wear Bra Inserts

Bra inserts are one of the hottest new women’s fashion trends, helping women instantly boost cup size without surgery or any alterations. But how exactly do you style them with certain outfits? From strapless gowns to bikinis and bodysuits to halter neck tops, we’re going to show you how to wear adhesive bra inserts to enhance your cleavage and boost your confidence. 

The Basics of Bra Inserts

Bra inserts are small shapewear accessories that can be added to a bra or inside a strapless dress to add a few cup sizes, enhance cleavage, and accentuate your beautiful silhouette. 

There are various types of bra inserts, some made of silicone, others made of foam. Despite serving the same central purpose, making your bust look bigger & better, there are different methods of wearing them for various outfits & occasions. Let’s get into the most popular outfits to wear bra inserts with, and how to make them work for your girls. 

9 Ways to Wear Bra Inserts

Our Nueboo girls have put together their favorite outfits to wear sticky bra inserts with, let’s break each of them down. 

1. Strapless Evening Gown

Bra inserts immediately enhance the bust line in a strapless dress, boosting a boost of up to 2 cup sizes without the disruption of visible bra straps. Because traditional support options are limited, bra inserts are especially helpful for these outfits. Slip the inserts into the built-in pockets if available, or use the double-sided adhesive to secure them to both your breasts and the dress throughout the event. Your cleavage will turn heads while maintaining the gown's elegant contour, ensuring a smooth, flawless look.

strapless dress bra inserts

2. Backless Dress

Adhesive bra inserts are a perfect choice for backless dresses, accentuating cleavage without having to wear a bra. In the case of a backless dress, you absolutely need to wear adhesive inserts rather than foam inserts, otherwise you may risk a wardrobe malfunction (nip slip). The double-sided sticky inserts adhere directly to the skin and the fabric of the dress, eliminating the need for back bands or straps. 

3. Plunging Neckline Dress

Bra inserts are particularly effective for dresses with a deep V-neck, as they help manage the neckline's depth while providing essential coverage and enhancing cleavage. The goal of inserts in this case is to uplift and push the breasts together, thereby amplifying the cleavage. This will of course give the illusion of larger breasts and create a tasteful and well-defined neckline. 

With such a deep V-neck, bra inserts will help prevent nip slips so that you can flaunt a bold, plunging neckline with ease.

4. Bikini Top

It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to show off your girls. Bra inserts are a quick & easy way to add 2 cup sizes to your chest, making you and your bikini the hottest thing on the beach (or the pool). Slip the inserts into the lining pockets of the bikini top, or if there aren’t any, you can sew some in or just use the Nueboo adhesive inserts for a secure fit. Most silicone & gel inserts are waterproof, including ours, so there’s no need to worry about them falling apart. Even the adhesive is water-resistant, so they’ll stay in place as you splash & jump around (and so will everyone else’s eyes 👀. 

bra inserts in bikini before after


5. Sports Bra

Want to get your gym crush’s attention? Or want to show off some extra cleavage in your fitness videos? Bra inserts can fit into the sewn in pockets in sports bras, or if your bra doesn't have pockets, adhesive inserts! These inserts provide additional cushioning and enhance the appearance of breast size under the sports bra, which often tend to do the opposite. This setup is great for women who do yoga, pilates, barre, or other high-intensity workouts where both support and modesty are important.

sports bra sticky inserts before after

6. Sheer Blouse

Sheer blouses have surged in popularity the last couple of years, especially among Gen Z’s. But since not everyone is a fan of how revealing they can be, bra inserts can add a touch of modesty to the look while simultaneously enhancing your chest's shape. Place the inserts into a matching or neutral-colored bralette or camisole that is worn underneath the blouse. These sticky bra inserts help smooth out the chest area, preventing any see-through and providing a confident, polished appearance, especially in professional settings. 

7. Bodysuit

Generally, bodysuits tend to offer solid breast support, but there’s always room for two more cup sizes. Adding in a pair of bra inserts will further enhance your cleavage, creating a more defined silhouette. As an added bonus, they’ll ensure the bodysuit fits snugly and smoothly across the torso, eliminating any gaps or loose fabric. 

8. Wedding Dress

Your special day is all about the bride and the stunning white dress that she chose. And with added shape & support from bra inserts, every single eye in the crowd will be on her. Most bridal gowns come with built-in pockets specifically for inserts, allowing easy placement and adjustment for the perfect fit. Alternatively, sticky inserts work the same way, helping to fill out the bust area for a shining silhouette, ensuring the bride feels confident and comfortable throughout her special day, even throughout the reception.

9. Halter Neck Top

Halter neck tops often expose traditional bra straps, spoiling the clean line of the shoulders. Bra inserts are the perfect solution to this problem! Slip in your sticky inserts to enhance the bust, providing a fuller, more defined shape and maintain the smooth neckline characteristic of halter styles. 

halter neck top bra insert before after

These 9 outfits just scratch the surface of what you can do with bra inserts. But regardless of how you wear them, remember this: everyone’s going to be looking at you. 

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