This simple solution is revolutionizing the fashion industry

This simple solution is revolutionizing the fashion industry

Ever wondered how celebrities look so good in clothes?

Ever checked out their boobs and raised an eyebrow at how perky they looked?

If you’ve experienced looking flat or saggy in clothes and want a chest that can point the way ahead of you, you might have considered what your options are at one point or another.

Whether you’re accepting of it or shudder at the thought of it - surgery is usually the first that comes to mind for most ladies looking to beat the sag. This is typically followed by thoughts of uncomfortable push up bras that dig into your side-boob no matter how expensive they seem to be.

As you can see, traditionally, there haven’t been many solutions presenting themselves in front of the modern, well-dressed, go-get-’em girl.

Until now.

Enter Nueboo - a self-styled boob solutions company that is big on female empowerment and it’s changing the way women view themselves in all their natural glory. “Confidence is Sexy” screams their tagline on their webpage. And they have one simple, secret to making women feel super sexy and crazy confident.

The secret is Nueboo’s premium boob tape range - a roll of sticky tape 16.5 feet long and 2 inches wide that could be mistaken for athletic tape at first glance.

This unassuming roll of tape known affectionately by fans as the “Booblift in a Box” doesn’t look like it can do much. But don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s about to change the way you look at filling out your clothes forever!

First of, you choose your color - vanilla if you’re of the marbled, milky variety; and chocolate if you’re deliciously dark or tan. Then they show-off their signature black roll. A mainstay for those little black dresses and sexy black tops - a must-have if you have a wardrobe that never intends to go out of style.

There’s a reason why the staff at Nueboo are constantly sending out “Sorry, we’re out of stock” emails and the equally frantic “Back in stock” messages on a monthly basis. 

It’s because it makes you look great, feel better, and it’s the No. 1 natural and super affordable alternative to going under the knife.

Nueboo boasts a “measure, cut, peel, and tape” 4-step, 10 minute routine which takes you from sag to fab. If their hundreds of fans posting “before and after” stories and posts on social media are anything to go by - then this hyper user friendly, no-fail guideline is a winner.

Real Life Test and Review

When trying Nueboo’s premium boobtape for ourselves, we noticed it’s soft, yet strong. Flexible and stretchy, yet won’t budge on a marathon 8-hour night out, despite sweaty dancing, spilled cocktails, and the drizzle of midnight rain (turns out it’s waterproof and suitable for that cool dunk in the pool!)

If it sticks so well, you’d think taking it off would rip out a nipple or chunk of skin, but surprisingly it falls right off with a dab of baby oil - all skin intact.

And this is its major, major benefit compared to the likes of duct tape, packing tape, gaffer tape, or even the softer sports tape. Where once you’d have to put up with hard, poke-y, itchy material digging into your armpits that can’t unstick for the life of you - now there’s a tape that matches your skin tone AND moulds to your body so you don’t even feel like you’re wearing a thing.

Taping up boobs isn’t a secret in high society or tinseltown. Victoria Beckham attributed her lifted look that had fans calling plastic surgery foul to some well placed duct tape all the way back in 2001. Even the infamous Kim Kardashian has been quoted as making use of the “Duct tape hack” back in 2015 (while admitting she had to brace herself to peel them off!).

With Nueboo in the world now, the only difference is that you can have access to a gentler, kinder, more comfortable solution. One that wants you to do it for you and to elevate the way you feel through the kind of personal aesthetic you’re going for.

No judgments, no worries. Just comfy, taped boobies that look ridiculously good in clothing - loud and proud, without apologies.

How Nueboo came to be: Humble beginnings

The story behind Nueboo is not a spectacular one. There was a need. No one was filling it, and this needed to be fixed.

Enter 28-year old Noraa Mils from Melbourne, Australia.

“As a dancer, the last thing you want is to have your boobs going one way while you’re going another. Sure, I did the duct tape thing that gave me some fierce rashes. The tight sports bras that squish your ribs to breaking point, and the strapless bras that made it impossible to perform in without them feeling like they were slipping down to my waist. What I wanted was duct tape - but not have to put up with uncomfortable or itchy or use something that would cause my sensitive skin to flare up.”

Working with a small-scale manufacturer to get all the details and specifications just right, it took almost 2 years before Noraa was ready to launch her mini cottage industry. “But when I did”, she chuckles, “my first lot of tape disappeared almost immediately and then I knew I was on to something!”

“The problems I had as a dancer, were the problems all dancers had. We had to wear some really low-cut, plunging stuff while dancing pretty hard out. Bras were uncomfortable, impractical, as well as impossible to hide properly. So the first lot had no problem selling out to friends and colleagues. Then word of mouth happened, and suddenly I was stunned at how many women were actually looking for a product like this. Now, even celebrities are using it. Naturally, I am shook!”

In 2019, Noraa gave to the world, and the rest is history.

Now women all around the globe can order Nueboo premium boobtape and a range of other boob solutions from boob and chest skincare to generously sized nipple protection to comfy fillers for smaller breasted ladies looking for a fuller silhouette.

“For me”, Noraa attests, “It’s not just a product - it’s a lifestyle and mindset. Nueboo premium boob tape is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, a vegan product, and ethically sourced. If you want to feel good, you need products that are good for everyone and the world.”

Without a doubt, A winning combination.


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