November 12, 2019

Why You Should Ditch The Bra

The No Bra movement is here to stay and here's how you too can feel confident to ditch the bra.

by Cassy Nueboo
Why You Should Ditch The Bra

Let’s be honest, most women prefer not to wear bras because it’s comfortable. And there’s no better feeling than taking off your bra at the end of a long day. Try bra tape and ditch the bra.

So considering this, why do most women still wear bras? 🤔


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They do wear them because of the assumption that it keeps breasts healthy and young. However, according to Professor Jean-Denise Rouillan of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besancon in France, bras are not necessary for women’s breast health.


Far from promoting healthy and ample breasts, according to his study, bras prevent the growth of breasts to their natural fit. 😱


This reason alone is enough to dissuade women from using bras in their daily life but not all find bras to be a hassle to wear, whether you love them or hate them here is what you need to know about why you should consider ditching the wire and going braless:

Better Posture

Bras help keep breasts up and well-supported than what nature originally intended. Have you ever noticed how when you take them off that your breasts end up sagging? We all have. And if you opt to ditch the bra, the only way to keep your breasts up to attention is to keep your posture straight and get rid of that hump! 😁


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Better Blood Circulation

Aside from doing away with that restricting feeling that comes with wearing a bra, it benefits your health to stop wearing a bra to improve blood flow to your chest which will aid in developing firmer and healthier bosoms.

This will also help your natural boob shape to emerge and you’ll feel much more confident and less self-conscious about ditching the padded chest look. 🍈🍈


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Better mood

Remember that feeling of taking off your bra after a long day’s work? Well, you can get that happy vibe all day long by just going braless. It will not only help improve your overall mood and also help you build your self-esteem bit by bit each day. 😍

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your skin and if you got it you should be proud to flaunt it however way you see it fit.


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No Sagging Breasts

As mentioned before that contrary to popular belief, wearing no bra will not make your breasts look saggy but instead help it develop valuable muscle tissue that will naturally allow their bodies to support their breasts without the need for a bra.

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Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to join the no-bra gang, it won’t be easy at first but we’ve got some easy tips to ease your way into getting comfortable in going out without a bra. 🍈🍈

  • Do it at home - the one place any person will let loose in is their home so start by training yourself to walk around without a bra in the comfort of your abode.
  • Try out a bralette - this will be less constricting than wearing a regular bra and you’ll get used to the feeling of being without the pads and wiring that comes with a bra.
  • Nipple covers - buy yourself a pair if you already didn’t have these in your wardrobe, if your concern is showing nips then pasties is your go-to solution.
  • Boob Tape - an all-in-one solution that will get rid of everything you dislike about a bra, but still get all the benefits you want by supporting your boobs and keeping you in your comfort zone - just like NUEBOO BOOB TAPE! 💋