December 16, 2019

What is National Ugly Sweater Day?

National Ugly Sweater Day has grown to be an international event that takes pride in showing off the ugliest sweaters that you can find and more.

by Cassy Nueboo
What is National Ugly Sweater Day?

Typically people would rather stay at home than be caught in the day wearing a hideously ugly sweater that raves an itching sensation for the unfortunate soul wearing it.

This December 20 (takes place every 3rd Friday of December) is an exception, though, because it’s officially National Ugly Sweater Day!


Image Source: DollSkill

Who says a little spontaneous look is bad for the soul? No one. Because looking different shouldn’t be frowned upon and this special day is all about showcasing the weird, strange, and the funny Christmas sweaters you have in your wardrobe.


The best thing about this day is that everyone can join in and have a hearty laugh because you better not schedule your important events like a wedding or funeral on December 20th because you have to wear the most “ugly” sweater you have no exceptions.

Image Source: Amazon

It’s a quirky day that brings together people that can relate to having ugly sweaters that they’ve accumulated over the years and can’t wear out in public-until today!

You shouldn’t miss getting your friends and family in on this day because it’s a great way to create some holiday memories that you’ll most definitely be laughing at for years to come!