February 24, 2020

The Selfie Guide 101: How To Take A Good Selfie

You don’t need a glam team or a top of the line camera to take the perfect selfie, all you need is to use these tips on your next shot.

by Cassy Nueboo
The Selfie Guide 101: How To Take A Good Selfie

Don’t you just hate it when you take dozens of photos in the perfect outfit with an Instagram worthy background but get an ugly photo? 

We’ve been there and we’ve done all the selfies mistakes just like you, however, it’s time to upgrade the selfie game with these tips and tricks that’ll turn you into a selfie master in no time!

Stop Overthinking

The downfall of any selfie is trying too hard to make it look good. If you look like you tried so hard on your makeup then you’re doing it wrong- selfies are supposed to be natural and seemingly effortless. 

With your poses, go with what’s natural to you and not copy what everyone is doing. Be comfortable and confident flaunting your personality and style because that’s what’ll show on the photo.

Nueboo boob tape can help you be more confident and secure in your poses because it’s versatile to any condition and clothing.

Selfie Pose

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Know The Right Lighting

To be a selfie master you need to know the fundamental rule of lighting which is you need good lighting. The best is still natural lighting and it’s the best beauty product that you don’t have to pay for because the right lighting can make all the difference in making you shine like a diamond. 

So find a good window with natural light or go outside and bask in the open glow of the sun (just be sure to wear sunscreen). Once you have the perfect lighting it can make undereye circles and shadows disappear.


Image Source: Global Sources

Use Quality Apps And Filters

Having good editing skills is a must if you want to achieve the perfect photo, remember that you’re not airbrushing imperfections but highlighting key points and features in the photo that you want to emphasize.

A lot of influencers likeMichelle Phanrecommend theAfterlight app for editing camera-phone photos. Always make sure to play around with your trusty phone whether it be an iPhone or Android know where to unlock the different shooting modes and try out different built-in filters.


Image Source: Unsplash

Play With Angles

When it comes to selfies Kim Kardashian knows best and her best piece of advice is to know your best angles. And keep your chin down and the camera up because a lot of the time people have the worst angle when shots are taken from under the chin. 

When taking a selfie, be sure to hold the phone so the bottom of it is level with your eyes- if you can use a selfie stick. 

Selfie Angles

Image Source: WikiHow

Be Natural

The problem with taking photos is the expression a lot of people underestimate just how hard it is to achieve that effortlessly relaxed smile and pose.

Try keeping your eyes shut before you snap a photo to keep them relaxed and not strained because it is without a doubt that you’ll be taking dozens of selfies to find the right one.

Group photo

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