February 08, 2020

The Secrets To Look Hot This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day get ready to find out all the tips and tricks you need to know to be irresistibly hot this 2020.

by Cassy Nueboo
The Secrets To Look Hot This Valentine’s Day

We always strive to empower women to be their genuinely confident selves. This Valentine’s Day is no exception because we’re bringing in the big guns and showing you how to look hot and ways that you can feel hot all day and every day.


Fashion guide

OOTD Pride 😍

A lot of people underestimate the power of a good OOTD and the confidence that it can bring to its wearer. You take the time to put together the perfect outfit for a date and you feel great to be complimented on how sexy and gorgeous you look. The effort will always be worth it and know that confidence always comes from within.


Body Shape 🍐

Be knowledgeable about your body shape know what looks good on you and how you can alter something to suit your particular body shape- here’s a good tip to remember always be friends with your tailor as they can give more insights than anyone on how to transform something ill-fitting to something that’s custom-fit to a tee on your body.

By knowing your particular shape you can better choose the style of underwear that you wear on a daily basis and for special occasions like Valentine’s Day.


Women body shape

It’s never too late to start studying up on how to accentuate your figure and here’s a helpful read to guide you.

Choosing OOTD 👗👚👝

Always stick to choosing based on the occasion and your preferences, don’t buy into trends especially if you know it’s not your style.

Most of the time if you do end up shopping on what’s hot this season it’ll be out of style sooner than you know it and if it’s not a good fit for your body then it’s not a good investment to buy.

Treat clothes as your investment and what you wear is a mirror of who you are, people tend to dress based on their personality even while incorporating trends into their look.

A good tip to remember is to buy pieces that will be a staple for your wardrobe years from now, having a classic statement piece that you can wear when it’s not found in stores is gold.


Clothes shopping

Undergarments 🍈

Once you got your outfit planned out, make sure to be comfortable on your undergarments meaning that everything stays secure and you can move around without feeling like something is stuck or loose on you.

Invest in good quality undergarments likeNueboo Boob Tape to ensure that whatever outfit you plan to wear you have a sturdy and versatile boob tape to get you through just about anything.

Once your out and about on the town you can never expect what might happen you can end up sweating up a storm at your date and there is nothing worse than having an unwanted embarrassing moment that could have been avoided with the right boob tape that’ll keep your breasts in place and secure.


fashion style

Don’t be a chameleon 😱

The last thing is to always take the chance to show who you are and not avoid people who you don’t know if you want to meet and network then you have to leave that comfy shell that we all have.

This Valentine’s Day it’s important to be secure with yourself on what are your good points to know that you always have something to offer and know what you don’t want.

Finding love isn’t easy but while you’re looking you can always come back to yourself and build yourself up to be the person that you want. 👑


Shy girl


Being hot isn’t about being sultry and sexy, it’s about carrying yourself proudly and being happy. 😊

As the fashion icon, Coco Chanel once said:“A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous.”