January 10, 2020

The HOTS and The NOTS At The 2020 Golden Globes

Check out which stars were HOT and who was definitely NOT at the 2019 Golden Globes.

by AJ Pollock
The HOTS and The NOTS At The 2020 Golden Globes

Did you catch the 77th Annual Golden Globes Awards? If you didn’t, you seriously missed out taking strides with the fashion-forward celebrities that absolutely killed it on the red carpet. 🤩

Unfortunately, like with every glorious awards show, not everyone was "hot" enough to wow the crowd with their ensembles. 


Image Source: Breitbart


With that said, let’s take a look at the dazzling stars who captured the crowd with their own gorgeous and somewhat unconventional outfits.

Ana De Armas


Image Source: Vogue

Classic never goes out of style, darling. And here is stunning proof that you can never go wrong with flaunting a timeless favorite. Ana De Armas, star ofKnives Out, looked glamorously sophisticated in this custom Ralph & Russo dress, accentuated with Tiffany & Co. jewelry and a chic red lip. 💋

Zoey Deutch

Image Source: Popsugar

Somebody should've called the fire department because Zoey Deutch was on fire on the red carpet - with a sultry voluminous jumpsuit designed by Fendi. The eye-catching yellow outfit was pleasing to the eye with just the right amount of cleavage that quality boob support like Nueboo Boob Tape can help achieve. 😉

The oversized sleeves were an excellent touch as an on-trend look and add that with shining blue jewelry and you get a winning look.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Image Source: Peopledotcom

Who isn’t a sucker for good suits? And for one like this, the red carpet was up in smokes by PWB and Ralph & Russo design takes good credit for this masterpiece. That plunging neckline was subtle but sexy - thanks to an outstanding boob tape no doubt. This standout is accentuated with the gorgeous metallic weave and lace trim of the suit. 

Oh, by the way, PWB is auctioning it off in order to raise money for fire relief for Australia! 🤩

Joey King

Image Source:E-Online

Her dress definitely made Joey King a breakout start on the red carpet as her beautifully designed dress, this a 3-D printed masterpiece designed by Iris Van Herpen, was a smashing hit. The black and white pleated dress was an innovative eye-candy that perfectly framed King’s toned body.



You gotta admit that it’s hard to look fabulous all the time and not all stars nail it every time, there are just outfits that weren’t meant for the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez

Image Source: E-Online

We're not the only ones disappointed by Jennifer Lopez’s dress on the red carpet. Without a doubt, the A-list celebrity was a favorite of many for her daring and eye-catching outfits that literally broke the internet. However, this is definitely not one of them. Perhaps it’s a bit too late to channel that Christmas vibe with that bow? 🤷‍♀️

Kristin Cavallari

Image Source: DailyMail

Was Kristin lost on her way to prom? It’s not hideous, but this dress screams the wrong asymmetry all over. If there was a buzzer at the Golden Globes, this would be a “no”/better-luck-next-time presentation.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image Source: NYPage6

The Marvel star certainly had better days with better outfits than what she wore on the Golden Globes. There is such a thing as too sheer and Gwyneth certainly missed the mark as the star held a close resemblance to a wannabe-Cleopatra in the olden days. On the bright side, the star showed off her rock hard abs and kinda made things better - sort of.

Dakota Fanning

Image Source: ABC News

It’s a cute dress for a children’s party but a snooze on the red carpet, Dakota Fanning wore a princess dress fit for a child rather than a Queen. The twee tulle dress was too much fluff and not enough substance to be a stunner with a matching jaw drop.

Make sure to have your share of Nueboo Boob Tape on hand. You'll never know when you'd have to whip up a red-carpet-worthy outfit that needs cleavage-boosting! 😉