The Guide to Strapless Dresses

The Guide to Strapless Dresses

It’s no secret that women come in all shapes and wonderful sizes and we say this because like women fashion isn’t all in the same. Both go hand in hand because in fashion the best way to bring out the best outfit in a woman is to find the right outfit to properly accentuate their curves and natural figure.


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Choosing the dress

Pear Shape

The most common body type for women is the pear because with this shape the booty and hips are more prominent and extensive than the shoulders and bust line.

This body structure is also quite delicate when it comes to the upper body because they have sexy arms and good shoulders that are perfect for strapless dresses! 🤩

Since the style is predominantly advantageous in the upper body it’s recommended to choose scalloped and embellished necklines to draw the eye upward. A-line dresses are ideal for this type because they are slim on the hips and allow good accentuation on the upper body along with knee-length hems.

A line dress

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Diamond or Apple Shape

This body type has a full bust, broad shoulders, and a fuller torso. Any weight gained usually for this type will go to the waistline and the arms, legs, and hips are more curvaceous and shapely. A great way to show off this type is to go for a sweetheart A-line dress because the dress lengthens the body and the neckline attracts attention to the cleavage. ❤️🍈

A word of caution is to avoid dresses that show off your waist and stomach area.

Sweetheart dress

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Straight Shape

Commonly a square or boyish shape that at least 45 percent of women in the US have this particular shape. A simple way to visualize this type is to imagine an hourglass figure with a more muted waist. The primary characteristics being narrow hips, smaller bust, and an unspecific waist.

The best advantage of this type is compared to the other types the weight is more evenly distributed meaning gaining additional pounds won’t be noticeable. 😉

The ideal dress for the straight shape type is a strapless peplum dress because it creates curves and provides a visually appealing silhouette.

Peplum dress

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Inverted Triangle Shape

Known as the athletic body type because of its broad shoulders and narrow hips that are better defined as inverted triangles. This type has a more extensive upper body with fuller bust and back compared to the other types.

Contrary to popular belief, the best asset of this type is the shapely legs and not the bust. So taking this into consideration it is recommended to choose a dress like a mermaid with an empire waist- because the design will draw attention away from your broad shoulders and instead accentuates your legs along with your lower body. 👡

Mermaid dress

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Hourglass Shape

By far the most coveted body shape in the world that only a small minority of women possess that even the most famous supermodels weren’t fortunate enough to have this body shape.

This type is particularly more curvy with a full bust line accentuated with shapely legs and a defined waist. Enough said that the perfect dress of the hourglass shape is one without straps because almost everything under the sun will work on this type. 🌟

Hourglass bodyshape

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What Bra To Wear

Since we talked about the kinds of dresses best suited for the respective body types the recommended bra to wear is naturally a strapless bra type, boob tape, and a bodysuit. It depends on the wearer’s preference for their undergarment but a pro tip would be if you’re not looking for added support and are comfy with your stomach then no need for the bodysuit and opt for the dress without the bra.

Nueboo Boob Tape is designed for versatility for any attire and provides guaranteed comfort and long-lasting wearability without hassle and bonus tip: it’s sweat-proof too! 💦😉💖

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