November 09, 2019

How To Go Backless Without The Stress

Slay any backless outfit effortlessly with our Nueboo secret that'll have you hooked!

by Cassy Nueboo
How To Go Backless Without The Stress

If you’re looking to make a statement on any occasion, going backless is a bold choice that isn't easily done. The goal of any well-thought-out outfit is to feel great and confident in front of others and just let your self-esteem shine.

It doesn’t matter if you have relatively small or big bosoms. Even in a world with Kim Kardashian, you don’t have to be gifted to slay backless outfits like her.


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What to consider

There are some things to consider when it comes to backless outfits. If you’re like everyone else, odds are you’ve most likely already envisioned yourself wearing your backless outfit and walking down the pathway like a Victoria's Secret model.

It would be an ideal world if we could just put on an outfit and make your expectations a reality. But sadly, life isn’t easy. If you want to rock a backless outfit, you need to know how to do it the right way.

1. Choosing the bra


Sure, you can just shrug any outfit on - but what do you wear inside it? Some people prefer to go braless. However, many still find it uncomfortable to do so.

What are your options if you want to go backless, then? 

First, you have to do it the right way. And just like with any piece of clothing, you need to find the ideal bra or undergarment to go with it.

Aside from helping accentuate your attributes, the chosen bra should support you as you confidently rock your backless outfit.


Convertible Bra

Image Source: Kohls

We’ve come a long way in redesigning bras to fit our needs and if you’re only going to wear backless a few times a year, you can invest in a convertible bra. Take this one from Kohls. It’s seamless and has both a push-up and versatile fit that can convert into a halter, criss-cross, and low back styles to suit many backless outfits.


Strapless Bra

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One of the main reasons many women feel uncomfortable going braless is the lack of support. If you still want a bra but don’t want to lose any of the support, a strapless bra is a good option to maintain your breast’s natural shape. Choose one like Fashion Forms that provide sturdy molded cups and underwire that you can wear to a dance party without any worry.

Corset Bra

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Eyeing for the ultimate support for your bosoms in a backless dress? A perfect option to go with it is the ever-reliable corset bra. Even though some dresses are only semi-backless, you can still wear this full-coverage corset bra from Carnival. It has a low back with underwire and lined cups for support.

Boob Tape

Feel snatched and secure even without a bra! Boob tape is a staple bra alternative for many women who want to employ the shoulder to nips strategy. You can give your bosoms your much-desired lift and with the right tape, you can feel confident that you’ll be supported throughout the day without any hassle. Nueboo Boob Tape is both vegan and cruelty-free that makes it lightweight and versatile.


2. Prepping your back

Since you are about to debut a backless outfit, you need to be aware of what you’ll be putting on display and pay extra close attention to it. In this case, the back is the focus of attention and you have to make sure that it’s ready to shine.

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If you’re worried that it might not be up to your standard then take some extra time to develop a skincare regime for it a couple of days before wearing a backless outfit. Scrub away dead skin with a good loofah and, should it be needed, put on some acne scrub regularly before a good-for-all-skin-types moisturizer.

3. Having the right hairstyle

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What perfect outfit would ever be complete without the ideal hairstyle? If you’re going all the way with a sexy backless outfit then you need to match it with an equally eye-catching hair that can be an updo, side ponytail, and just anything that keeps the center stage on your back.


When deciding to wear a backless outfit, remember that preparation is key. Set your appointment for a good back scrub, get your hair done, and stock up on lots of Nueboo Boob Tape! 😉