December 07, 2019

Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Every Girl

You don't need to be Santa Clause to find the perfect gift because here's our ultimate gift guide for every girl.

by Cassy Nueboo
Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Every Girl

With Christmas just right around the corner, the pressure of finding the perfect gift for that special someone or friend has never been higher. You can’t put a price on showing someone you care for them and not every gift needs to come with a hefty price tag.


Christmas gift
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If you’re in a pinch about getting a present for a girl then other than relying on instincts and what’s on the top big gifts to get this Christmas on Pinterest- try consulting this simple gift guide for every type of girl:


Book Worm

This lady has got it made in piles of books and a bank of wealthy knowledge that can beat the pants out of anyone. If you have a person in your life that fits this description, it’s a safe bet than other than avoiding wrong grammar around them the best gifts for them would be the following:

  1. Books - choose wisely and ask for help from the bookstore clerk if you get stuck.
  2. Any merchandise of their favorite book - any book lover has fallen in love with a series or a story so finding an item in tribute of this would be a steal.
  3. Scented candles - book lovers tend to stay indoors and enjoy the quiet peace around them, with the right scent the mood is perfect!
  4. Coffee & Tea - what’s a good reading session without a fine cup of tea or coffee to soothe the soul?
  5. Comfy pillows - everyone loves a good pillow!


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Work Out Fanatic

That gifted friend that gets you up and off your feet and helps you fend off the pounds is worth thanking. She’s also that person that eats healthy and knows how to keep fit while seemingly being effortless about it. Can you think of someone like this in your friend list?

Then the ideal gift for our athletic friend would be one of the following:

  1. Sports shoes - the right shoes will take you to new heights (literally) 
  2. Gym clothes - always being in the gym or working out means you go through a lot of clothes so it doesn’t hurt to stock up on essentials.
  3. Gym bag - must be comfy and can hold work out essentials like a ton of clothes and shoes.
  4. Dry shampoo - because every girl that sweats knows the hassle of having oily and greasy hair.
  5. Basket of healthy treats - you work up a sweat and so does your appetite!
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Never one to be out of the loop is the friend that always has the best clothes and never looks like they had a bad hair day. Looking very chic and dandy in almost anything is the friend that just can’t help but give you style advice- sounds familiar?


This friend knows what looks good and what they want to the tee, the gift to get them would be:

  1. Clothes - be wise and consult fashion magazines because you won’t want this to be returned.
  2. Accessories - lean towards buying something that will be a staple for their wardrobe and not a trend item.
  3. Undergarments - looking good starts from the inside and having undergarments that are comfortable and practically is a gold mine! Check out Nueboo Boob Tapefor more options.
  4. Shoes - can be tricky but as long as you know their foot size you can snag a sweat shoe for your always classy friend.
  5. Bag - think versatile and “wardrobe staple” 


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In choosing a gift, always remember that it’s always the thought that counts and gifts from the heart are the most appreciated gift of all.


Happy shopping!