August 01, 2019

Kim Kardashian VS Chrissy Teigen

Find out who did boob tape the most justice and decide who taped up the best between Kim K and Chrissy T.

by Cassy Nueboo
Kim Kardashian VS Chrissy Teigen

Back in 2016, the world stood still when Kim Kardashian shared a picture to Instagram of her DIY boob tape trick.



Some thought it was a mistake. Some thought she’d gone completely mad…

All of us had questions…

Does that really work? Does it hold? Does it look good? Does it hurt?

But people from Hollywood in the ‘know’, knew exactly what she was doing.

Including meme queen, Chrissy Teigen.

Before arriving at the season premiere of Lip Sync Battle Live, Chrissy shared her own spin on Kim K’s boob tape trick via Snapchat…

...while pregnant...

…and in pregnancy spandex...


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The model / mother proved to us all how well the tape trick really works…

Too bad she didn’t share any footage of her taking it off… OUCH! 😵

Those of us that have tested the tape trick for ourselves can confirm how much removing the tape can hurt!

That is of course, unless you use Nueboo Tape 😉

Nueboo Tape has been engineered to reduce painful removals!

Try it for yourself!

BTW -- Who wore better? (not their outfits, just the tape alone) Let us know in the comments! 😄