November 16, 2019

Check Out These Boobies

Find out how you can achieve the perfect boob look from A-list celebrities with these tips and tricks.

by Cassy Nueboo
Check Out These Boobies

If you’ve always wondered how you can achieve the perfect support and look for your boobies, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know by sharing our Nueboo babes' secrets! 🤫 

Quick and Easy Results!

It’s an all in one solution that gives you obvious results without the hassle. 😉We’ve all been stuck in a dilemma where we desperately needed a quick-fix and finally, we have it in Nueboo Boob Tape.


Whether you’ve got a pair of big girls or not, Nueboo is made for all and exclusive to none. Gone are the days where you feel unsure of your boobies possibly showing a nip slip! 😊

100% Danceproof

Don’t hold back to dance all night, bring out a sweat session at the gym, or party at the beach! Nueboo Boob Tape is designed to be waterproof and made from medical-grade material that guarantees the utmost comfort. 💃😍

No Need for More 


We know the importance of keeping quality above quantity and with Nueboo Tape, less is more cause with just two strips is enough to give you that instant lift that you’ve always wanted.


No more pinching bra!

Comfort and confidence is all you need to rule the day! Be free to wear any outfit without any restrictions because Nueboo Tape is here for your boobies.

Wonder Tape




Fit for any occasion Nueboo Tape can take your OOTD to the next level so you can be the belle of any ball. 💃

Believe us now? Check out Nueboo Tape and let us know what you think! 🤩