September 11, 2019

Bras VS Boob Tape: Which Is Better?

Are you team bra tape or boob tape? Check out the differences between the two and decide which is best for you.

by Cassy Nueboo
Bras VS Boob Tape: Which Is Better?

Ever since Kim K shared that Instagram photo, everyone’s been talking about boob tape.

It’s practically the holy grail of red-carpet dressing.

But then, celebs will go to pretty extreme lengths to look good when the whole world is watching.

Wondering how she squeezed into that Thierry Mugler dress for the Met Gala earlier this year?

Three people laced her into a corset so tight she couldn’t even sit down.

At a dinner!

So I guess what I am saying is, how well does boob tape really work for us mere mortals? Is it truly a magic solution?

Or are we sometimes better off sticking to that tried-and-true breast lift device we call a bra?

Let’s analyze…


Which is more discreet, boob tape or bras?

buster hiding

Well, here’s an easy one. A few strips of tape are much, much easier to keep hidden than a bra.

With bras, you’ve got the band and straps to contend with of course.

And even those backless, strapless, stick-on bras will still be visible under ultra-plunge necklines.

But not so with boob tape! You can position it however and wherever you want it.

Seriously, it’s even possible to keep it hidden under an itsy-bitsy bralette.

Neckline open down to your navel? No problem.

Extra-wide to show off your cleavage? Just place the tape closer to your underarms.

If you’re really daring, use it to invisibly lift your bust in a piece that flaunts some underboob!


Do bras or boob tape offer a better fit?

Finding a bra that fits like a glove is like finding a pair of stilettos that are still comfy after a few hours.

It’s not impossible – but it isn’t easy either.

And you might need to spend more than you’d planned to. Boob tape, on the other hand, offers a perfect fit every time.

I mean, duh. It literally sticks on like a second skin. And best of all, that means it fits every single bra size.

Yep, even you, 36Fs and 40Es!


Okay, but do bras or boob tape offer a better lift?

girl lifting hamburger

Especially if you’re full-busted, you’re probably wondering just how well this tape thing really works.

Can it really keep your boobs securely lifted up?

It’s important to know here that bras and boob tape work in completely different ways.

Bras support your bust from below – it’s the band, not the straps, that takes on most of the heavy lifting.

Boob tape pulls your bust up from above.

Think of it like hoisting your boobs up by pulling the bra straps higher (and then sticking them in place).

Bras and boob tape can both offer a phenomenal lift.

But for a bra to do it, it needs to have a wide, sturdy band, plus underwires to reinforce its flimsy fabric.

If you don’t find that comfy, you’re not alone.

Boob tape gives you the freedom to get the same effect, only this time backless and wireless.


Is boob tape more or less comfortable than bras to wear?

Let’s face it, it’s not just celebs who are willing to put up with discomfort for beauty’s sake.

Yep, I’m looking at you Spanx, waxing, and killer heels. But it’s just nicer when we can look fab without the pain.

So how does boob tape fare on the comfort scale? You might have heard some horror stories.

But usually, that’s people trying to DIY it with duct tape or gaffer tape.

Imagine peeling that stuff off your skin – mega ouch!

Nueboo Boob Tape, on the other hand, is designed especially to be painless to remove. And while it’s on, it’s painless too.

Especially paired with the Nueboo Nip Covers, an optional layer of padding for sensitive nipples.

The same can’t always be said for bras, particularly the underwired ones you need to achieve lift.

I mean, yeah, sure, some bras can be very comfy. But put it this way – a bra may or may not be painless, Nueboo definitely will be!


Is boob tape as easy to wear as a bra?

"could you help me put on my bra?"

I have to hand it to bras – they are the quicker, simpler option to put on.

But only because we’re all so used to wearing them!

The first few times you use boob tape you might find it a little tricky. You know what they say though – practice makes perfect.

With a little repetition, soon enough you’ll be a #Nueboo pro.

If you’re totally new to boob tape, check out the How to Nueboo page for easy-to-follow instructions and tutorials.


What’s cheaper, bras or boob tape?

Trick question.

Obviously this depends on how much you spend on your bras.

But for a good quality multiway bra (you know, the kind that will work with multiple necklines, just like boob tape), you’re easily looking at $30–$40 minimum.

More if you’re plus-sized or full-busted.

Nueboo costs less than $20 for 5 meters. Depending on your bust size, that can last up to 15 uses (or around 2 whole months!)

So you’d have to wear your multiway bra at least 25 times to get the same value for money out of it.

And remember that, unlike boob tape, it won’t work with backless, sideless or ultra-plunge outfits.


Boob tape or bras, what’s better for swimming in?

jennifer lopez in swim suit

Have you ever snuck a bra under your swimsuit to boost your bust?

You wouldn’t be alone. But please don’t do it!

The chlorine or saltwater can seriously damage fabric not meant for that.

I can’t speak for other brands, but Nueboo tape is fully waterproof.

So no more spending a fortune on underwired, bra-sized bikinis just to get some lift.

When the next pool party rolls around, rock that plunging one-piece like your boobs have never heard of gravity!


So what’s the verdict?

Boob tape offers at least the same amount of lift as bras, but is far more versatile.

Whether you’re hitting the club in a backless halter or chilling in a plunging crop top, boob tape always works.

It’s probably not going to replace your bras altogether.

But hey, you never know – once Kim K discovered taping, she gave up on anything else!

You won’t know how much you love it until you try it.

Why do you wear boob tape? And how often do you wear it?

Leave a comment below and let me know! 💕