September 15, 2019

2019's Sexiest, Most On-Trend Halloween Costumes

Bring out the smoking hot diva inside you with 2019's sexiest Halloween costumes.

by Cassy Nueboo
2019's Sexiest, Most On-Trend Halloween Costumes

Planning to shake your boo-ty in something that's more sexy than scary this Halloween? Then listen up! 

Yeah, you could go as a sexy black cat. But if there's one thing truly horrifying, it's turning up in the same outfit as someone else, amirite?

So take a peek at these 5 costume ideas below. They're not only more original, but also very 'now' for added cool points.

You're welcome 😉


Maddy Perez from Euphoria


Who isn't watching Euphoria? My character pick for a sexy look has got to be cheerleader and wannabe rich girl Maddy Perez, whose style code is simply "show some skin".

Pro tip: I found the actual bralette top and pants she wears in episode 5, linked below. Don't forget your Nueboo Nip Covers!


Lucid top by I.AM.GIA


Modern witch


Witch costumes on Halloween, *yawn*... But hear me out! Never have astrology and Tarot been more on-trend than they are right now.

So leave the broomstick at home - this year's sexy witch look is less Hocus Pocus and more 'mystical, celestial being'.


Stars In Her Eyes dress by Lirika Matoshi


Spice Girl

spice girls


(Preferably Scary Spice. I mean, it's for Halloween after all).

Forget the tired old cat costume. It's 2019, the nineties are cool again, and everyone's favourite girl band came back. (Four-fifths of it anyway).

So by all means dust off that leopard print catsuit, but instead of pairing it with ears and a tail, add platform heels and a bucketload of sass. 


Spandex catsuit by American Apparel





2019 taught us that this is Lizzo's world and we're just living in it. It also taught us that anyone can rock an eye-catching bodysuit and look amazing.

You don't need to add much more here besides a pair of boots and some Nueboo tape to hold the girls up.


Plunge bodysuit by Miss Guided


Daenerys Targaryen



What character is debatably evil, more than a little terrifying, and absolutely guaranteed to make you look gorgeous? Miss Mother of Dragons of course!

Game of Thrones finally came to an end this year, so that makes this your last chance to wear this costume without looking dated.


Mother of Dragons costume via Amazon


What are you going as this Halloween?

If Nueboo tape is (an invisible, of course) part of your costume, be sure to hashtag your photos #Nueboo so that we see them!